Outlander 19
Ambiance Outlander 19 Woodstove

You can download the owner’s manual HERE.


The Outlander® 19 Wood Stove comes with the choice of a pedestal or leg kit. The stove is metallic black. The door is equipped with a cool touch handle for a safe operation.

The Outlander® 19 is EPA 2020 certified at 2.25g/hr and is approved to be sold across Canada and the United States.

The Outlander® 19 offers a very clean glass thanks to its air washed technology. It is also backed by an impressive limited lifetime warranty.

Optional features include the ash pan and convection fan.  

Available for both the Leg & Pedestal versions.

  • Easy Operation.
  • Makes ash removal and disposal cleaner.

The Convection Fan provides an efficient way to move warm air across the room where the fireplace sits. It can be set to run automatically or manually.

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