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The Ambiance Outlander® 19 EPA Woodstove is built to last! Boasting heavy plate steel combined to a firebrick lined firebox, the performance is intense! Certified for both the USA and Canada to the strictest standards as set by the EPA and CSA, the Outlander®19 will provide years of satisfaction and warmth. It comes with the choice of a leg kit or a pedestal kit. It is possible to upgrade with an optional fan for better heat distribution. The stove is painted metallic black and comes with a cool touch door handle.  The air washed glass radiates heat and produces that Ambiance only a wood fire can provide.

  • 75 000 BTU
  • 20" Log Length
  • 76% Optimal Efficiency
Available Colors
  • Black



Pumice Refractory Firebrick

Refractory firebricks allow for the heat to radiate into the room for a long period of time. Pumice or Lava stone is used in these bricks to improve heat resistance and lower their weight.

Extended Burn Time

Quality conception and materials allow for the unit to burn a single load of wood for long hours.

High Efficiency

The Outlander® Series is providing you with very efficient units. The optimal efficiency for Outlander®15 and 19 is of 76% and 75% for Outlander®19i.

Heat Power
75 000 BTU
Combustible Type
Ambiance® Signature
Premium Quality Construction
Limited 5 Years Warranty


  • Non-Catalytic Technology.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction.
  • Firebox designed for 20-inch logs.
  • Stoves are offered either on legs or pedestal.
  • Pure Vision Airwashed Glass.


Cordwood75 000 BTUEPA54 127 BTUBurn TimeUp to 10 hours
G/HR 2.25 g/hrOptimal %76%HHV72%
Overall26" W x 24 58" D x 31 12" HDistance to CombustiblesSee Technical DrawingsCeramic Glass16 12" W x 9 14" H (152 sq. in.)
TYPEClass ADiameter6"Min. Height15 Feet
Int. Dimensions20 78" W x 14 58" D x 11 58" HCu. Ft2.3 Cu. Ft.Log Length20" LogsLiningPumice Firebricks
Optional Blower
TYPEHeat ActivatedSpeedVariable SpeedCFM150 CFM


Enjoy the Ambiance®


Customize Your Stove

Choose Between Legs or Pedestal





Optional Blower

Convection Fan

Heat Activated and variable speed blower of 150 CFM. Can be used on units on legs or on pedestal.

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