Elegance® Series

What makes a truly outstanding line of fireplaces? How about innovative technology and awesome aesthetics, backed up by the best warranty in the industry? That defines the Elegance® Series of wood burning fireplaces by Ambiance®.

The first thing you’ll likely notice is the inside of the fireplace. It doesn’t have firebrick, but rather it’s lined with soapstone! The result is significantly better heat retention and increased efficiencies! Soapstone absorbs 15% more heat than firebrick and radiates it five times longer! The Elegance® features an exclusive and patented primary air control system. It’s an EPA certified fireplace with low emissions and high efficiencies. This means a slower burn rate and steady, consistent heat over a longer period of time. Bottom line: You’ll enjoy more heat from less wood!

All four models in the Elegance® Collection, the 36”, 40”, 42” and the See-Thru models are great values and exceptional heating appliances. Personalize the Elegance® to your tastes and lifestyle by choosing from several options.

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