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Flair® 34

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The Flair® 34 offers a remarkable combination of aesthetics and modernity. This wood fireplace insert is a luxurious way to reignite passion for your existing masonry fireplace. Using Soapstone instead of firebricks, you get an increased efficiency unit with a beautiful firebox look! Its EPA certified with low emissions and high efficiencies. It also features a unique patented air control system that allows you to extend burn time and generate heat at a more even rate. Enjoy effectively distributed heat even in a large room with the powerful dual-fan system. It comes with a beautiful contour and two optional faceplates to fit the opening seamlessly.

  • 90 000 BTU
  • 22" Log Length
  • 75% Optimal Efficiency
Available Colors
  • Black



Air Control System

This unique patented air control system provides extended burn time and higher efficiency. This heat activated system allows you to maximize the heat and slow down the fire to as low as 0.8kg per hour.

Heat Activated Convection Fan

Automatically activates when heat is detected. Efficient way to move warm air across the room where the fireplace sits.

Soapstone Lining

Soapstone has no equal for heat management. It’s the best material for storing and slowly radiating heat. In fact, soapstone absorbs 15% more heat and radiates heat 5 times better than firebrick! This soapstone lining in the stove is also attractive and charming to look at, especially during those times of the year when there is no fire burning.

Heat Power
90 000 BTU
Combustible Type
Ambiance® Signature
Premium Quality Construction
Limited 10 Years Warranty


  • Beautiful glass viewing area.
  • Patented automated variable air control that extends burn time.
  • Soapstone lining inside for a beautiful even heat output.
  • Faceplates offered optionally to aesthetically conceal any gap.
  • Chimney Sweeping Cap allows the chimney to be easily accessed for cleaning.
  • Innovative perforated baffle offering an unimpeded view of the fire.
  • Circulating Chamber designed to prevent heat escaping to the existing chimney.
  • EPA certified with low emissions and high efficiencies


Cordwood90 000 BTUEPA49 358 BTUBurn TimeUp to 12 hours
G/HR1.59 g/hrOptimal %75%HHV66.07%
Overall33 34" W (Front), 22" W (Back) x 19" D x 23 34" HMin. Fireplace Opening34" W (Front), 22" W (Back) x 19" D x 23 34" HSurround37" W x 2" D x 25 58" H
Dimensions22 78" W x 15 38" H (352 sq. in.)MaterialCeramic Glass
Cu. Ft / Log Length3.2 Cu. Ft. / 22" LogsLiningSoapstoneInt. Dimensions22 12" W (Front), 15 78" W (Back) x 14 34" D x 17 12" H (Front), 16 14" H (Back)
Mantel Shelf Clearances
Combustible Mantel Shelf13"Ambiance® Non-Combustible MantelsNo Clearance required
Diameter6"Min. Height15'
TYPEHeat ActivatedSpeedVariable speedCFM110 CFM

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