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A “pizzero” refers to a person who makes or prepares pizzas. The term is derived from the word “pizza,” the popular Italian dish who has become a favorite in America. The Ambiance Pizzero® Portable Gas Pizza Oven will help you elevate your skills in the art of creating and serving restaurant style pizzas. The Pizzero® is portable and works on propane. Easy to use for both professional pizza chefs and amateurs who make pizzas as a hobby to share with friends and family.

The Ambiance Pizzero® Portable Gas Pizza Oven comes standard with a peel, a cover, a 15mm thick ceramic base and a very convenient 6-foot long propane hose. The best of its kind!

  • 900°F in minutes
  • 14-inch wide opening
  • Cooks a pizza under 2 minutes



Built-In Ignition

The Control Knob is conveniently located at the front of the oven, for an easier access. The built-in ignition system makes it easy to start the fire. After warming up the oven up to 900 degrees F, the burner can be adjusted down to maintain that temperature and cook the pizza to perfection.

Protective Cover Included

The protective cover is equipped with carrying handles. The sturdy oven legs are also foldable. The combination of the carrying cover and the legs makes of the Pizzero a portable pizza oven. Perfect for tailgating, picnics and camping!

Stainless Steel Peel

The Pizzero Pizza Oven comes with a classy stainless steel peel. The handle on it is foldable, and can be stored inside the oven when not in use. The cool touch handle on the peel makes it safe to use when the oven is running super hot!


Easy to read thermometer located on the right side of the oven. The Pizzero goes up to 900 degrees. The thermometer is a practical feature for making pizza. Knowing exactly when the oven is ready to use will ensure that even the first pizza is done to perfection.

Combustible Type
Propane Gas
Outdoor Use
For Outdoor Use Only
Ambiance® Signature
Premium Quality Construction
3 Years Limited Warranty


  • Cook your favorite pizza in less than 2 minutes
  • Quick intense heat beyond 900°F
  • Adjustable temperature to match your cooking preferences
  • Restaurant style pizzas now in your own backyard
  • 14-inch wide opening
  • Includes a cover, a peel and a 6-foot long propane hose


TemperatureAdjustableRangeBeyond 900°F
Opening14-inch wideCeramic Base14" W x 14" D, 15mm thickOverall24" L x 18" W x 1312" H (11" H folded)
Suitable forOutdoor Use OnlyConfigurationFoldable & Portable


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