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Ambiance® Grills, Designed to Elevate Your Cooking Experience

Welcome to the barbecue and smoker sanctuary, where passion meets flavor. Our carefully selected collection features precision gas grills for instantaneous heat control, authentic pellet BBQ and smoker for a wood-fired perfection, and timeless charcoal kamado smoker grill merging tradition with innovation. At Ambiance®, we take pride in offering high-quality products designed for BBQ and smoker experts who appreciate the finer details. Elevate your culinary experience with us, where each heat source offers a unique flavor, a story of precision, taste, and unparalleled quality. Grill. Smoke. Savor.

Gas Grills

Ambiance® Gas Grills by Napoleon are built to the highest quality standards, ensuring that you can release your inner chef with ease. Experience the convenience of controlled heat and flavorful results of infrared cooking, complemented by advanced features like rotisserie kits and the industry’s best ignition system. Our Custom Ambiance® Grey colors further enhance the aesthetic appeal, providing you with the perfect outdoor cooking experience that effortlessly combines functionality and delectable flavors.

Charcoal Grills

The Ambiance® Kamado 25 Charcoal Smoker Grill is the perfect way to create a culinary masterpiece for your family and friends. Nothing compares to the unique and complex flavors imparted by natural lump charcoal, especially when used on the custom-designed Ambiance® Kamado 25. This stylish kamado is meticulously crafted with dimensions that accommodate generous portions for family gatherings while remaining versatile enough for intimate meals for two. The Ambiance® Kamado Smoker Grill provides the flexibility to transition seamlessly from slow and low cooking and smoking to quick searing, ensuring the perfect steak every time – all within the same grill. Elevate your grilling experience with Ambiance® Kamado, where the infusion of charcoal smoke adds an exquisite and sophisticated depth to your culinary creations.

Pellet Grills

Unleash the pitmaster in you with the Ambiance® Bull Pit® 1000 Pellet Smoker Grill by Louisiana Grills. Craft your passion for BBQ and smoking and experiment with different wood flavors in the smoke, elevating your culinary creations. This versatile grill combines a luxurious grilling experience with modern convenience, featuring a user-friendly digital control board with built-in WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity putting you in command of your outdoor cooking adventure.

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