Wood Fireplaces – Elegance 36 Series

The Ambiance Elegance 36 is the best there is. The Elegance 36 offers an exclusive combination of aesthetics and technology. For instance, Soapstone has no equal for heat management. It absorbs 15% more heat than firebrick and radiates heat 5 times more than firebrick. This increased efficiency is also the most beautiful to look at inside the firebox. It feels and looks rich!

EPA certified at 1.7g/hr with an automatic variable air control system.

This fireplace is among the safest and easiest to operate.

You have 4 options for looks:

ib3 image
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ib3 image
See our videos

The Elegance 36 Wood Fireplace produces heat in a generous way! You may want to take advantage of it by sending heat to other parts of your home. There are three options.

The Variable Speed Convection Fan has the following features:

  • German engineered 250-cfm blower
  • Heat activated – so it will only convect warm air.
  • Variable speed – allowing you to run it slower or faster.
  • This convection fan will move heat further out in the room where the fireplace sits.

The Hot Air Gravity Kit works without electricity. Hot air will rise naturally and disperse the heat to either the same room where the fireplace is or to another room nearby.

The Forced Air Kit forces heat to travel to another room, further away from the fireplace. It requires electricity to work. This powerful fan can even push heat down to a basement. This is the most efficient way to use the heat generated by your fireplace. It comes with a manual variable speed control knob.


Clean Face Arched Standard Front

Clean Face Standard Front

Standard Louvered Front

Standard Arched Louvered Front

Old World Clean Face Front

Modern Clean Face Front

Craftsmen Clean Face Front

Blacksmith Clean Face Front

Blacksmith Decorative Louvered Front

Old World Decorative Louvered Front

Craftsmen Decorative Louvered Front

Modern Decorative Louvered Front

Powder Coats

Textured Black


Oil Rubbed Bronze

Bronzed Iron



Antique Black

Burnished Bronze

Burnished Copper