Elegance® Series

Elegance® 36

  • Built-in

The Elegance® 36 is our smallest built-in wood burning fireplace, but packs a powerful punch!  It’s perfect for modest spaces and still accommodates large pieces of wood. It’s an EPA certified fireplace with low emissions and high efficiencies. Soapstone lined, instead of firebricks, you’ll get increased efficiencies with a stunning firebox look.  The patented air control system extends burn times and will generate steady, even heat.  Customize it to fit your tastes and needs with an arched or rectangular unit, with or without louvers.  The optional blower fan and decorative fronts make the Elegance 36 a serious contender!

  • 75 000 BTU
  • 75% Optimal Efficiency
  • 24" Log Length
Available Colors
  • Black



Soapstone Lining

Soapstone has no equal for heat management. It’s the best material for storing and slowly radiating heat. In fact, soapstone absorbs 15% more heat and radiates heat 5 times better than firebrick! This soapstone lining in the stove is also attractive and charming to look at, especially during those times of the year when there is no fire burning.

Air Control System

This unique patented air control system provides extended burn time and higher efficiency. This heat activated system allows you to maximize the heat and slow down the fire to as low as 0.8kg per hour.

Heat Power
75 000 BTU
Combustible Type
Ambiance® Signature
Premium Quality Construction
Limited 10 Years Warranty


  • Beautiful glass viewing area.
  • Patented automated variable air control that extends burn time.
  • EPA certified with low emissions and high efficiencies.
  • Soapstone lining inside for a beautiful even heat output.
  • Customize the looks with premium decorative fronts.
  • Covered by the best warranty in the industry!


Cordwood75 000 BTUEPA25 944 BTUBurn Time6 to 10 hours
G/HR1.77 g/hrOptimal %75%LHV72.6%
Dimensions / Weight
Overall36" W x 21 78" D x 36 58" HMin. Wall Opening36" W x 21 12" D x 63" HCeramic Glass23 34" W x 13 38" H (318 sq in)Weight300 lbs
Cu. Ft2.4 Cu. Ft.Log Length24" LogsInt. Dimensions24" W x 12" D x 13 12" HLiningSoapstone
Mantel Shelf Clearances
Combustible Mantel Shelf5-inch Shelf: 17 78"Ambiance® Non-Combustible MantelsNo Clearance required
TYPEClass ADiameter6"Min. / Max. Height15 / 35 FeetBrandsAll
Air Circulation
Optional BlowerVariable speed / 165 CFMOptional Gravity KitRequired For Clean FaceOptional Forced Air Kits Up to 3, Heat Activated, 245 CFMOptional Fresh Air KitWith Any Configuration


Enjoy the Ambiance®


Customize Your Fireplace

Fronts Options

Standard Arched Clean Face (Metallic Black only)

Standard Rectangular Clean Face (Metallic Black only)

Standard Arched Louvered (Metallic Black only)

Standard Rectangular Louvered (Metallic Black only)

Color Options


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