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The Hipster® 14 Woodstove is one of the most efficient woodstove on the Market, thanks to its TruHybrid combustion technology and quality materials such as Soapstone and cast iron.  It is EPA 2020 certified at 1.07g/hr and is approved to be sold across Canada and the United States.  It boasts a 79% Efficiency.  The Hipster® 14 is one of the few that qualify for the US 25d Tax Credit. Burn time is up to 16 hours on a single load of wood. It also offers a very clean glass thanks to its air washed technology. It is also backed by an impressive limited lifetime warranty.

  • 40 000 BTU
  • 82% Optimal Efficiency
  • 17" Log Length



Soapstone Lining

Soapstone has no equal for heat management. It absorbs 15% more heat than firebrick and radiates heat 5 times more. This increased efficiency is also the most beautiful to look at inside the firebox.

Outstanding Efficiency

The Hipster® Series is providing you with extremely efficient units. Both Hipster®14 and 20 have an optimal efficiency of 82%. Quality materials and TruHybrid technology formed two of the most efficient stoves on the market.

TruHybrid Technology

1. Primary Combustion from wood. 2. Secondary Combustion from gasses in the smoke 3. Tertiary Combustion. Catalytic combustion of gasses in the smoke. The Hipster® woodstove feature the TruHybrid technology. The combustion is cleaner and more efficient than other EPA certified stoves.

Exceptional Burn Time

Ingenious conception and quality materials such as cast iron and soapstone allow for the unit to burn a single load of wood for up to 16 hours on the Hipster® 14 and up to 24 hours on the Hipster® 20.

Heat Power
40 000 BTU
Combustible Type
Ambiance® Signature
Premium Quality Construction
Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Crystal clear tall glass.
  • TruHybrid burn technology.
  • Soapstone lining inside for a beautiful even heat output.
  • Premium quality cast iron made in Europe.
  • Made in Vermont, USA.
  • Extra long burn times : up to 16 hours on the Hipster® 14 and up to 24 hours on the Hipster® 20.
  • Mobile Home Approved.


Cordwood40 000 BTUEPA31 581 BTUBurn TimeUp to 16 hours
G/HR1.07 g/hrOptimal %82%HHV79%
Overall24" W x 20 18" D x 30 38" HDistance to CombustiblesSee Technical DrawingsCeramic Glass14 12" W x 11 1116" H (170 sq. in.)
TYPEClass ADiameter6"Min. Height12 Feet
Cu. Ft1.54 Cu. Ft.Log Length17" Log LengthLiningSoapstone
Optional Blower
TYPEHeat ActivatedSpeedVariable SpeedCFM150 CFM


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Optional Blower and Fresh Air Kit

Blower & Heat Shield Kit

Heat Activated and variable speed blower of 150 CFM.

Fresh Air Kit

Connector for fresh air intake for mobile home applications.

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