Why choose an Ambiance® Fireplace?

Energy efficiency, innovation, custom designs and comfort control define the Ambiance Fireplace® products. Before going to the drawing board, we consulted with over 100 veteran fireplace store owners and installers from coast to coast. We asked them two questions: “If you were to design an ultimate fireplace, what features and refinements would you incorporate into it?” And secondly, “If this fireplace were going into your home, what changes would you make?” These fireplace experts were anxious to contribute their thoughts and ideas. They simply could not find the features they were looking for in other fireplaces.


  • Innovative burner technology provides an extremely realistic ember bed and flame pattern.

  • Hand carved and hand painted logs create a natural and balanced appearance in the firebox.

  • Latest fire management technology includes your choice of the “standing pilot” or the “intermittent pilot system”.

  • Multi-function remote control will turn the fireplace on/off, regulate heat output and fan speed, adjust the accent lights or maintain room temperature with the thermostat.

  • Accent lights add a unique glow to the interior of the fireplace.

  • Certified and safety tested by top agencies in North America, including CSA and ANSI.

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If you do not have a fireplace and want to get one or if you want to replace an existing fireplace.

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If you currently own a wood fireplace and would like to upgrade to a gas fireplace insert.