Wood Stoves
Poele a bois Ambiance Outlander

The Outlander® Wood Stoves by Ambiance are built for performance. Not only do they exceed industry standards on emissions and efficiency, they are offered at a value price! The heavy duty construction is evident with 5/15” thick plate steel on top. Offered on legs or pedestal as a basic look. Wood Stoves are sometimes purposed for a basement application or a cabin. In these locations, options are not needed. That is why the Outlander® stoves are offered with a basic view, with optional ash pan and fan.

The Outlander® Wood Stoves are reliable, safe and tested to the highest standards in North America. The Ambiance Outlander® Series rank among the cleanest burning stoves on the EPA registry. Not only will it keep your living space warm, it will heat your home very efficiently.

That is why Ambiance® features the best warranty in the industry.

Enter our Ambiance® world and bring it home!

Outlander® 15
Ambiance Outlander 15 Wood Stove
Outlander® 19
Ambiance Outlander 19 Woodstove